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Welcome to Candi’s Playschool, where your little one will receive loving care and stimulation, in a safe, happy and nurturing environment. Our school grounds are in Sundowner, offering large, sunny classrooms and spacious playgrounds. For our 1 turning 2 class we have a separate and age appropriate playground. Our gardens are green and filled with flowers to create a happy and pleasant environment. We are passionate about our school and pride ourselves in cleanliness, neatness and quality, as well as the personal touch in every area of our beautiful school. We also strive to establish and maintain a personal relationship with every child and family that forms part of our school.


At Candi’s Playschool, we keep our classes small, this is to ensure individual and exceptional care of your little one. We have a teacher and dedicated teacher’s assistant for the younger classes and a teacher and shared teacher’s assistant for the older classes. Our oldest and youngest classes have their own bathrooms attached to their classroom and the two middle classes share a large inviting bathroom. All bathrooms are child friendly. Each class offers activities that are age and developmentally appropriate for the children in that group. We believe that little minds grow through stimulation and exploration, and so each week a new
educational theme is introduced. A variety of activities are offered and your little one is encouraged to explore their surroundings, all the while learning. Creative activities, music and movement, gross motor developmental as well as perceptual activities are offered daily. Messy play is encouraged as part of our weekly learning as well as a dedicated activity once a week. Each Thursday is baking day, where the children are offered the opportunity to create and enjoy eating their own baking. We have a combined school assembly on a Friday morning where the children are taught a Bible Story and encouraged to join in Praise and Worship.

We are not only a Playschool but also a Preschool and your children are being prepared for Grade 0 accordingly, which we are excited to offer at Candi’s from 2024. All teachers are qualified for the classes they teach, experienced and passionate about education.

Principal Fay leads our team with excellence and commitment and is always available to Parents.

Our classes are split as follows:
• Playtime Pals: 1 turning 2 class
• Sea buddies: 2 turning 3 class
• Wise Owls: 3 turning 4 class
• Furry Friends: 4 turning 5 class
• Clever Bugs: 5 turning 6 class (open from 2024)

Our caretaker and gardener Uncle Gift makes sure that our school gardens and grounds are kept neat and tidy as well as supervises drop-off and collection time in the parking area.

Our assistants have completed an assistant crèche course and all staff are CPR trained and first aid trained.

We also have one of our staff members who is a qualified fire marshal.
Each week our staff have a prep and planning meeting and all areas of the learning activities as well as any relevant curriculum information is discussed to ensure a high level of education for your child.


Safety is of utmost importance to us. The school has an electric fence surrounding our premises and is in the boomed area of Sundowner. We have a secure gate which is locked at all times and only opened upon drop off and collection. The pedestrian gate is manually locked during the school morning so that no one can access the school unless this gate is manually opened for them by a staff member. During collection time one of our staff members stands at the exit gate and should the need arise has a panic button on hand. We are linked to the neighbourhood merged security companies- TRSS, ADT, Londoloza and Fidelity Guards and each staff member also has a panic button. Each classroom as well as our playgrounds and parking area have CCTV cameras for the safety of your child as well as our staff. These are not accessible to anyone other than the management of Candi’s Playschool.

Building a Strong Foundation
for Lifelong Succes



We have an open-door policy where you as the parent are welcome to discuss any concerns or ideas with us, all the while ensuring a happy and productive environment for your little one. General communication between the class teacher and parents is encouraged during drop off and collection time. Should you need to discuss something in depth you are asked to set up a meeting with the relevant staff member.


During the first term of the year we have Parent Interviews where your little one’s progress is discussed, and any concerns raised. Formal progress reports are distributed in the 2nd and 4th term. The children are continually assessed by the teacher and written observations are kept

Candi’s Playschool is a Christian School and all our teachers are Christians themselves. We incorporate Bible stories, appropriate memory verses and songs during our weekly lessons and teach Christian values and principles, however we do accept children of all  denominations and religions. We teach the children to respect and accept people of all cultural and religious groups.

The school programme runs from 07h30 until 12h45, with aftercare starting at 1pm until 5pm.

Drop off time is between 07h30 and 08h15 for the older groups, and 07h30 to 08h45 for the younger group. Collection time is between 12h00 and 12h45 for the youngest group and 12h15 and 12.45 for the older groups. There is always a teacher at school until 13h00 if a Parent is running late.

In the interest of your child’s safety the school should be notified telephonically or in writing if arrangements are made for another person to fetch your child from school who is not on your child’s enrolment forms.

The children are welcome to bring along their own lunch box or if you have opted for the hot lunch which is offered by the school at an additional cost (unless they are enrolled in aftercare where the hot lunch is included. Lunch will be offered at around 12h00 before they are collected.

Please ensure no sweets, fizzy drinks or junk food are sent along for lunch. A suitable lunch would be a healthy sandwich, fruit and a yogurt (kindly do not send a lunch that needs to be heated and please ensure your child has all they require for their lunch, example a spoon for their yogurt).

Our aftercare programme runs from 1pm – 5pm daily. The children will be supervised and kept busy by our aftercare teacher as well as one of our assistant teachers.

The children will be offered a mid-afternoon snack at 3pm. For the younger children who need to have an afternoon nap, there will be a sleep time straight after school each day. For sleep time you are asked to send along a sleep mattress as well as bedding for your child.

Included in the monthly aftercare fee is one week of holiday club (from 8am – 5pm) per term, during the school holidays.

The school only runs holiday club for one week during each set of school holidays. Should your child not attend daily aftercare, but you wish for them to attend holiday club, there is a fee to register your child for this. This will also be dependent on available space. ccordion Content

The children are offered a mid-morning snack of a healthy sandwich and fruit or vegetable at 10h00. This is supplied by the school. Each child is requested to bring a clearly marked non-spill juice bottle with water in it for their morning at school. Please no Fizzy Drinks!

Clamber Club is included in our school curriculum and every child will take part in Clamber Club once a week. There will be a once off registration fee of R200 in the beginning of the year.

Please send a clearly marked school bag for your child to school, containing the following:

• A non-spill drinking bottle with water in it;
• A change of clothing and underwear (season appropriate);
• A warm jacket / jersey;
• A sun hat for summer and a beanie for winter (to be left at school);
• A material type Pick n Pay bag to be used as an art bag;
• Nappies, wet wipes, bum cream etc (if necessary);
• When potty training you are asked to send at least 3 / 4 changes of clothing and underwear as well
as a bag of nappy sacks;
• A copy of your child’s medical aid card;
• Bedding if your child will have a nap time during aftercare. Little beds are provided

Term 1:
11 January – 17 March
Term 2:
12 April – 23 June
Term 3:
18 July – 22 September
Term 4:
10 October – 6 December

If a child complains of illness at school or a staff member notices signs of illness, the parents will be contacted and if necessary, required to collect their child from the school. 

A child should not be sent to school under the following circumstances:
• If a child is running a temperature during the night before.
• If a child has been vomiting or had diarrhoea during the night before.
• If the child’s nose is thick with mucous and / or has a cough with lots of phlegm.
• If the child has nits or lice.
• For the first 24 hours that a child is on antibiotics.

If your child shows any signs of illness but your Doctor has indicated it is merely allergies and not contagious, a Medical Certificate needs to please be given to the class teacher indicating that your child is fit for school and not contagious. It is in the interest of the all other children and staff that no sick child is permitted at

At Candi’s Playschool we believe in using positive reinforcement to encourage acceptable behaviour. Children will be encouraged through various forms of positive reinforcement e.g. verbal praise, stickers etc to adhere to and respect the rules of the classroom. Should a child constantly disobey, misbehave, or should the teacher feel that a situation is potentially unsafe or harmful, then the child will be placed in time out, within sight of the teacher, where they will remain for a few minutes, that is 1 minute for each year of the child’s age. After their time out, the teacher will discuss acceptable behaviour. Alternatively, a child could miss out on a fun activity.

We understand that children will use every opportunity to push and test boundaries and therefore through patience, perseverance and love we will attempt to guide the children towards acceptable behaviour.

The 3 day option will only be offered to children in the 1 – 2 year old, as well as the 2 – 3 year old class. When your child reaches the 3 – 4 year old age group (000), they will be expected to attend school on a 5 day week basis. At the Grade 000 level we are already starting to work towards school readiness and therefore perceptual activities and assessments play a larger role in the classroom. Being at school for only 3 days a week does not allow teachers to do enough activities and assessments. A 5 day week also assists in preparing your child for Grade 0.

Should your child be attending school for 3 days, these would need to be 3 consecutive days, for example Tues, Weds, Thurs.

When starting school for the first time your child will need to attend school for a full 5 days for the first two weeks. This is to help encourage them to settle quicker into the school routine. Please feel free to chat to your child’s class teacher regarding settling your child in at school for the first time.

There is a R1500 registration / admin fee which is required to secure your child’s space at Candi’s Playschool and is non-refundable. Should you pay the R1500 admin fee and your child does NOT join Candi’s Playschool, the full amount of R1500 becomes non-refundable in lieu of a notice period.

School fees for 2023 are as follows:
5-day school week until 12h45 R3850 per month
3-day school week until 12h45 (only for 1 – 2 and 2 – 3yr old age group) R3350 per month
5 day aftercare until 17h00 R800 per month
3 day aftercare until 17h00 R600
5 day aftercare until 15h00 R550
3 day aftercare until 15h00 R400
Daily adhoc aftercare fee R65 per day
Holiday club offered for one week, once a term R750

Please note that there is an additional Annual Fee of R1500.00 which is used towards sun cream ,toiletries as well as school shows for the year.

This fee is payable in full regardless of the number of shows your child attends and needs to be paid with
January’s school fees each year.

In the interest of the children’s safety we do not leave the school premises for any shows but instead offer at least 2 shows at school during each term (for example puppet shows, bird show etc.). Over and above
external shows we offer numerous fun and activity days at school, such as dress-up days.

School fees are payable over a 12 month period and are due on or before the 3 rd. day of every month in advance. Fees are due every month regardless of the number of days the child attends the school and regardless of school holidays.

For safety reasons, kindly do not send cash to school for school fees.


Candi’s Playschool
First National Bank
Account Number: 62869451957
Branch Code: 250655
Current Account
Please use your child’s name and surname as a reference.
Please complete the email address below on where the invoice must be sent.

One full term’s written notice is required for the termination of attendance of your child at Candi’s Playschool. A full term’s fees are payable even if your child leaves during or before the end of that term. Notice needs to be handed in on the FIRST Day of the New Term, this notice applies to the Term ahead.

There are many ways to protect your child against childhood diseases as they grow up, we strongly recommend vaccinations. It is important that children are vaccinated against these dangerous and preventable diseases. Various vaccines are provided free of charge by the South African Government at government and municipal clinics as well as private clinics which will require a consultation fee and will monitor among other things, the growth and development of your child. Vaccinations are NOT compulsory, and the school cannot enforce this.

Candi’s Playschool has a public Facebook page, so be sure to have a look at our Facebook page to get an idea of some of the activities your children will be participating in – our public Facebook page.

Our school can be contacted via e-mail or telephonically. In the event of any emergencies we recommend that you contact the school office on the following number: 079 876 3189, alternatively you may contact your child’s class teacher on their cell phone (you will be added to a class WhatsApp group at the start of each year).

Should you need to contact a teacher during the morning you are encouraged to either send an SMS or WhatsApp to the school office or to your child’s teacher.

Please note that all information provided to our school pertaining to your child as well as yourself, any contact details, address etc. will be regarded as confidential and treated as such by the school and its teachers. We will therefore not be able to provide any contact details of fellow parents to anyone without their consent.

Should you be interested in enrolling your child at Candi’s Playschool, please find the enrolment forms as well as Indemnity form attached. Kindly fill these in and set up a time to return them to the school office with proof of registration payment, copies of both parent’s ID’s, a copy of your child’s birth certificate and a copy of the child’s medical aid card. Please also ensure that each page of this Info Pack (including the information section) is initialed. You will also be asked to fill in a Developmental History Form for your child which will be given to you at school.

You are very welcome to set up a time with us to come and view our school and meet our staff.

We look forward to welcoming your little one to our school and we are confident they will learn and grow while being loved and cared for by our phenomenal staff with a level of excellence.

Candi’s Playschool Team


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